Our services

Our company carries out services in the field of national and international transports, assuring to customer a full assistance in the following areas:


  • Custom aid
  • National transports by express couriers Sogetras and Fercam
  • Valuables shipments by air to every airport all over the world. Specialized in europe/world door to door express deliveries in 24/48 hours with FedEx-UPS. Specialized in italy door to door express deliveries in 24/48 hours with courier FedEx. Cover Insurance with company of primary importance.
    We are MALCA-AMIT sub agents
  • Valueless goods - By air / By sea / By road
    Door to door express service 24/48 hours with fedEx-UPS

  • New Services Wines Shipping

Tecnical partners

BY ROAD Import - Export

Transports all over Europe with door to door return by full trucks, groupages and express deliveries.
National transports by express couriers Sogetras and Fercam for valuables and valueless goods in 24/48 hours.


BY SEA Import - Export

We arrange transports in groupage and full containers from and to every seaport all over the world, and every kind of incoterms accepted and relative custom clearance.

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BY AIR Import - Export

We are IATA agents able to offer a straight connection with every airport of the world and every kind of returning of goods. The door to door express delivery service is managed by Fed-Ex and UPS. This service made for value and valueless goods is forwarded in over 200 countries with reliability and quickness..


Rendering of VALUABLES Arezzo Sped is MALCA-AMIT sub-agent in Italy. Malca- Amit has many offices all over the world that attend to international transport of valuables and has developed too, besides the traditional systems of consignment and customs operations, the best existing options to deliver door to door, such as for instance the deposit under customs tie and deliveries to the commercial fairs with insurance cover.